Weddings are hard to plan!

So your planning your wedding video, wedding film and in fact all of your wedding suppliers. Finding things a little difficult? Not sure what it all means? Well here is some simple advice! Your day will be perfect with or without the perfect supplier, band , sparkle floor or color dress. Once your marrying the right person with the right family and friends with you to celebrate then all will be well 🙂

Whatever suppliers you do book make sure you personally like them as much as their service. Do you want to spend 15 hours with an excellent photographer who is rude or not on your wave length?

Some websites that can help are

and Help Im Getting Married

Please note though that most people only get married once so really reviews and opinions on such websites in my opinion are a little silly. (useful to a degree) A bride and groom will give a 5 star review for EG: a Micra car and another couple will give a 5 star review for a Ferrari. Make sure and do your own research to choose what you like and who you like 🙂

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