The Hamlet Hotel

It is the first hotel I ever visited as 14 year old boy. Back then Moe and John were on hand to greet myself and my father Dessie Boland. Almost 20 years later and they are still greeting me and guests with that same smile and for that reason and a hundred other reasons, I simply love the Hamlet Hotel. The engine beneath the surface runs better than any other hotel I have been too. If every wedding co-ordinator was like John O Neill every wedding would be a joy to work at.

John, Moe and his team never fail to deliver high-quality service in every department. I could write a thesis on this hotel and why it is a great venue for a wedding but here is a small list followed by some videos I shot while at this hotel.

  • Friendly
  • Detailed
  • On-time – this means the food and dancing and everything else runs on time. Not 12 clock first dances like some hotels who can’t organize anything!!! Don’t get me started.
  • Great showmanship
  • Great atmosphere, positive
  • Great staff
  • Big Dance floor and stage for your band
  • and much much more.

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