TOP Dos & Don’ts When Contacting Wedding Suppliers
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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with the amount of organising that goes with it (unless you’re an actual wedding planner, of course!). Every aspect of this life-changing event boils down to one thing: your judgment call. That’s why it’s SO important to get a professionals’ help wherever you can!

Be prepared from the word go with our simple dos and don’ts, that every bride should know when contacting Wedding Suppliers…


Bridal Shops 

Do shop between 6-9 months before the wedding – this will give enough time for alterations & delivery of your dress (especially if the dress is being made from overseas!).

Do have an open mind and prepare to try on dresses you might not have picked yourself – who knows, you could be surprised that fishtails actually suit you!

Don’t bring too many people with you… because in this case, too many cooks spoil the decision making! The assistants want to give you a personalised experience & get to know you the bride, not your entourage…

Don’t be afraid to say YES TO THE DRESS! If you love it, go for it because this will be the most photographed day of your life.



Do your research on previous weddings your photographer has shot and note which moments you want to recreate, making sure they have the same style of photos you want for your big day.

Do brief your photographer as much as you can before your wedding day… the more photo references the better!

Don’t haggle with the price. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a particular photographer, it’s best to shop around and simply find someone you can afford.

Don’t stress on the day and trust your photographer knows what they are doing. After all, they are there to capture your happy newlywed self… Our mantra? “Trust & breath”!



Do your research and go to as many wedding band showcases you can. Another great excuse for an impromptu date night with hubby-to-be!

Don’t blame your band if your guests aren’t dancing, there could be many reasons why… too much cake, for instance? Instead, start dancing yourself & enjoy the party (because no one would leave a bride on the dance floor alone, now would they?!)





Do consider the season you’re getting married. For example; summer weddings try to stick with lighter colours to resemble the brighter days, and with winter weddings you can afford to go more dark and smoky.

Don’t get a spray tan without your makeup artist knowing about it and especially after your trial! They may have to change the shade of foundation to match and you don’t want to wing that on the day!




Do have a hair trial & make sure you bring your headpiece (or photo of). Do know what you want by creating a look-book, the more pictures the merrier! Don’t be in a rush for your hair trial and make sure to try at least 3 different styles. Don’t add extra people for your artist the morning of your Wedding! This will stress everyone out & make you late to church! 

Now go forth our knowledgeable bride & grooms-to-be! Our Premium Wedding Suppliers are waiting for your enquiries today!

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