What to Ask your Wedding Venue

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For most couples preparing to tie the knot, the venue is the outlay of the entire wedding. Often eating up as much as half of the entire budget couples set aside for their big day, it’s one of the biggest decisions to make, and obviously it’s one that brides and grooms-to-be are keen to get right.

But with hundreds of venues available for varying budgets and offering a number of different packages, making the all important decision isn’t easy.

In this blog post, we share our insight to help you know what to ask your wedding venue. Read on to find out more!

Getting to know your potential venue

The key word here is ‘potential’. You might be desperate to get the biggest part of your wedding planning checklist ticked off, but it’s not something you can rush. If you think you’ve found the right venue, before you go ahead and say ‘I do’, you need to turn every last stone.

And that’s because more often than you think, couples pay out for a venue which, down the line, they realise isn’t exactly what they thought it was. Whether the catering you thought was an all inclusive deal is actually only available for an additional fee or your access to the venue to decorate is only the day of the wedding, not the day before, there’s plenty of places where you can face potential issues which lead to added stress.

As such, it’s vital that you get to know the venue you’ve got your heart set on before you sign on the dotted line and put a deposit down. Here’s some of the main questions you need to ask.

What’s included?

Every venue offers a bespoke service, and no two are the same. From the setting itself to what’s offered, it’s important to ask as many questions as possible to get the full picture of what will be available to you and your guests on your big day.

From all-inclusive options to DIY venues, you still need to ask exactly what is included. That’s because, although some venues advertise themselves as all-inclusive doesn’t mean that everything is included. Equally, it might turn out that a venue you think is DIY offers complimentary table decor.

So when you’re finalising your venue options, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. That way you won’t waste time and money booking a supplier you don’t need or buying decorations which the venue can supply for the price you’ve agreed.

What’s not included?

If you’ve asked what’s included, it might seem silly to then ask what isn’t. But it’s important to gain complete clarity so you don’t get caught out.

With so much available at wedding venues, asking what you don’t get can help ensure you don’t miss out on anything you wanted to be included in your big day, and also create a list of these aspects so you can organise them yourself!

When can you access the venue?

If you book a venue for your big day, it’s yours to do with as you wish, right? Not entirely—although some venues might allow you unlimited access on the day of your wedding, a lot don’t. What’s more, many venues have rules about when you’re allowed on site to prepare for your big day with things such as rehearsals and decorating.

So, before you shake hands on any venue, make sure you ask where you and your guests will be able to go, and on which date and time you’ll be able to access it from. Although the answer might not be something which changes your mind on where you want to get married, it can help you get organised so that the regulations don’t become an issue.

Is there a deal to be done?

Wedding venues aren’t short of business, especially during peak seasons such as summer. But that’s not to say you should always pay the price that’s advertised. Just like buying a car, there’s a bit of haggling that can be done.

Whether your budget falls slightly short of the mark and you need to shave euros off wherever possible or you opt for an all-inclusive package but want a special deal, there really is no harm in asking.

If you’ve asked all the questions and are sure you’ve found your dream venue for your wedding day, making a counter offer to the advertised package price can help you cut back the overall costs of your big day.

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