What To Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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If you’re a newly engaged couple, the chances are you’ve had daydreams of the perfect day. From the bridal gown you’ve always imagined walking down the aisle in to entertainment that leaves your guests amazed, there’s a lot to consider and you can never start the planning process too early.

One of the biggest choices you need to make, and one which has the potential to completely transform your big day, is the venue. For most couples, the venue is the most expensive part of the wedding, with up to 50% of the overall budget dedicated to the place you say the vows and celebrate into the night.

Planning the perfect wedding

The venue is often the first thing couples need to decide on when planning their wedding. This is no surprise, given that the entire day can change depending on the kind of wedding venue you choose.

It’s not until wed-to-be’s know where they’re going to tie the knot that they can:

Hire a photographer – The location of your venue will determine the options available to you.

Contact suppliers – Some venues are all inclusive, some aren’t. You won’t know what you need until you’ve got a venue under your belt.

Send invitations – You can’t invite your friends and family until you know where your big day is going to take place.

And there’s much more that has to come after picking a wedding venue when it comes to planning your special day. It’s important to be prepared, too. Popular venues can be booked up as much as 3 years in advance—especially during popular periods, such as summer.

So, if you’re planning to get married, selecting a venue is a good place to start. In this blog post, Wedding Suppliers share their industry knowledge to outline what to consider when choosing a wedding venue.


Weddings aren’t cheap at the best of times, and the venue is often the most expensive part of all. Choosing the venue for your big day comes early on in the wedding planning process, but it’s important to have a detailed breakdown of what you’re prepared to spend on each aspect of your big day before saying yes to anything.

The reason for this is that, with a detailed spending breakdown, you can weigh up everything that’s included at your venue to determine if it’s a price you can practically afford. It’s worth mentioning that there’s often a deal to be done, so don’t be afraid to ask if you can get a deal to help stick to your budget.

Because the venue is one of the first—if not the first—big things you decide on for your big day, it can be easy to think that if you overspend here you’ll be able to make cuts elsewhere down the line. But everything adds up, so try your best to stick to the limits you have set yourself from the beginning to ensure that your planning experience is a fun one!


The size of your venue might not seem quite as important as the style and price, but an overly large venue can leave your big day feeling swallowed up and a venue which isn’t big enough causes even more issues, with lack of space and seating every bride and groom’s biggest nightmare.

Think about it—a huge hall which feels empty with anything less than 100 guests isn’t the best choice if you’re only planning to invite your nearest and dearest. Equally, an intimate venue might not be the most suitable option if you’re planning a huge celebration.

Knowing your guestlist is the key here. Although your venue might be the first thing you secure for your big day, there’s a lot of prior thought and planning that needs to happen to ensure you choose the right one for you. As such, having an accurate estimate of guests for both your ceremony and reception are vital when choosing a venue.


Location, location, location. Perhaps one of the biggest factors to adhere to on your venue wishlist. If you’re choosing a venue, you need to put a lot of thought into its location.

You might have your eyes set on a country manor house halfway across the country, but is this going to be a practical location for your guests? Do you have a particular photographer in mind for your big day? Then you’ll need to find a venue in the area that they cover.

Location is critical to your wedding’s success. But it’s not just the geographical positioning that matters. The location—and more specifically setting—of your big day will leave a lasting impression on your guests and stay captured in your photographs for years to come. So it’s important to think about where you want your wedding to be in terms of both location on the map and also the kind of setting you want to say ‘I Do’ in. From there, you can research what’s available and start your viewings!

What’s included

Every wedding is unique, and so is every venue. From the style, such as hotel or country house, to the location, each and every venue is different.

And it’s important to remember this when you’re looking into potential venues for your big day. Depending on the venue, you might have access to different areas, receive an in-house catering service or be left to put your stamp on the place.

Knowing what’s included in your venue—and what isn’t—is a must. If your dream venue is out of your price range, but includes a wedding planner, food and entertainment, you may actually have the funds to afford it. Alternatively, you don’t want to eat up your budget on a venue only to find out down the line that things you thought came with the venue aren’t included.

So when you’re venue shopping, be sure to clarify what you do and what you don’t get with the price you pay. This will help you keep to budget, avoid nasty surprises down the line and keep your entire wedding planning process on track.

Use a wedding directory

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