How To Find The Perfect Wedding Cakes in Ireland

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Planning the perfect wedding takes time and effort. While some parts of wedding planning are a necessary evil, others are pretty good fun.

Buying a cake is definitely one of the latter. A key focal point for your wedding reception, your cake has the potential to wow guests, provide a post-meal treat and makes for a great photo you can cherish forever.

It’s no surprise that soon-to-be Mr & Mrs’ are on the hunt for the best cake they can get. In this blog post, Wedding Suppliers uses its years of experience in the industry to explain some of the key steps to finding the perfect wedding cake.

Know your wedding theme/style

If you’ve ever been left wowed by a wedding cake, it’s probably because it tied in so well with the rest of the wedding.

From the dress to the venue and decor, you might not think it, but choosing a cake involves the consideration of all these options. Think about it, if you’re going for a modest, rustic wedding, an over-the-top cake might not be the right fit. Equally, a big white wedding with an understated cake could leave guests a little confused.

As such, finding the perfect wedding cake for your Irish reception requires your theme or style to be locked down. From the colour of your cake to its decoration, a detailed understanding of your theme will help your chosen baker to create a truly bespoke cake with personal details which offer a nod to your wedding theme.

Finalise your guest list

Believe it or not, wedding cakes are often bought on a ‘by slice’ basis. As such, it’s vital that you finalise your guest list before placing your cake order.

Sure, having leftover cake is no bad thing but being short of slices for your guests is every bride and grooms worst nightmare.

Ordering your cake is usually quite far down the wedding checklist, but drawing up your guest list should be one of the first things you do.

So, before you get ahead of yourself and go straight for the exciting parts of your planning like the cake order (a hard thing to do, we know), make sure you have a rough gauge on numbers for your big day and always make sure you allow a bit of leeway in case you get any additional attendees!

Consider dietary requirements

Once you know who’s attending your wedding, you can make plans to cater for them. From allergies to dietary preferences, ensuring as many of your guests as possible can enjoy your wedding cake with you is a must.

From nut allergies to intolerances, making your baker of choice aware of any dietary requirements early on is key. Using this information, they’ll be able to suggest the best cake options for you and your guests.

Gather inspo

It’s a fact that every bride-to-be has a Pinterest board (or ten) for their wedding. And with the ability to set up an entire board dedicated to all-things cake, Pinterest is a great platform to help you find the perfect wedding cake.

But other than Pinterest, browsing wedding magazines, Google and bakery portfolios is a great way to find out what you like (and what you don’t) so you can design the perfect cake for your big day.

Get tasting!

You’ll be pleased to know that the best way to find the perfect wedding cakes in Ireland is to get tasting!

Ireland is home to many reputable and highly regarded wedding cake makers able to make your dream cake a reality. But the proof is in the pudding, and although a picture can show you a lot about the finish of the cake, it’s still important to attend a tasting session.

Professional wedding cake makers provide consultations and tastings where you can sample the varieties of cake on offer and outline your design choices.

Find your wedding cake in Ireland now

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