The first video on display is from The Station House Hotel. A Lip Sync Music Video or in other words a Marryeoke styled video. This is an additional extra that you can select for your wedding day. When people get involved it becomes a lot of fun and sets a very positive energy for the evening dancing.  Check out this Bon Jovi master piece.

Our third video, Ash and James, is wonderful. A relationship that we can all aspire to have. The words spoken and emotion portrayed make it a wedding day and wedding video to remember. The couple tell us about there first date, the romance and how there love story began. With the ceremony in Clane Co. Kildare and celebrations in Tulfarris Hotel this wedding video showcases our unique style of editing, mixing stories from the day and their relationship to create a Wedding Film that encapsulate’s the full extent of the couple’s relationship. The video also shows how we capture many beautiful moments from the parents and friends of the couple to tell there side of the story. 

When Ashleigh and James view this film in years to come I believe they will cherish most the way their parents and friends spoke. The way that the bride and groom are not just the center of attention but the whole family/friends come together to make there relationship story complete. Personally, I love the attention to detail as Ashleigh’s Mother describes the engagement with great emotion, happiness and love for both her daughter and Son in Law.  Also the powerful words of advice given through out such as keep the faith – keep loving each other, respect each other , keep communicating even through the tough time’s, express your feeling’s, let the other person know how your feeling. 

‘I didn’t even hear her say yes because the audience were just roaring, it was just a really cool moment, something that you will remember for the rest of your life’ 

Wedding Video

View James and Ashleigh’s Wedding Day blog written by Weddings Online, by doing so, you will get a feel for their day and read about the services they chose for their special day.