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“Welcome to Carlow Wedding Films. With over 20 years of experience as a passionate videographer, I’m dedicated to capturing and preserving the precious memories of your special day. Meticulous attention to detail ensures that every heartfelt exchange, joyous tear, and laughter-filled celebration is immortalized. Let’s create a cinematic representation of your unique story that you can treasure for a lifetime. Get ready to relive the joy, laughter, and romance of your wedding day with Carlow Wedding Films.


*Romantic Wedding Day Films *Upbeat Wedding Films *Lip Sync Music Videos *Trad Wedding Videos that simply capture your day in a professional manner. *Drone Footage *Multi Camera shoot *Fantastic Audio

Start price – (Please contact us for price) includes, full ceremony, full speeches, dancing, wedding film

Length of cover on wedding day – Pretty much all day up to 10pm.

Amount of videographers – 1 

Cameras – At times 3 during the ceremony and speeches to cover musician, priest and guests. 

External audio recorders for perfect sound.

Delivered on USB key and can be copied unlimited amount of times.

 Contact Ger now to check availability.

Capture your entire wedding day with our comprehensive package starting at €xxxx. Trust in Gerard’s experience to document every precious moment, from the bridal preparations to the unforgettable first dance. Receive full coverage of the bride’s preparations, candid moments, ceremony, reception, and more. Relive the essence and emotions of your special day through a beautiful visual narrative. Upgrade options available.

You will receive your video which will entail:

* Your Full Ceremony  *Full Speeches *Your Dancing *Wedding Film 

1. Full Ceremony

Our “Full Ceremony” service guarantees complete coverage of your wedding ceremony, capturing every significant moment from start to finish. Multiple cameras, high-quality equipment, and professional editing techniques ensure that no detail is missed. Relive the emotions and ambiance of your ceremony for years to come with this lasting keepsake.

2. Full Speeches 

Our “Full Speeches” service captures the heartfelt and emotional moments of the speeches delivered at your wedding reception. Our skilled videographer will be there to preserve every heartfelt message and meaningful moment shared. Relive the emotional impact of these speeches for years to come with our service. Trust us to capture the essence of your wedding speeches in all their heartfelt glory! We utilize top-notch audio recording techniques, guaranteeing crystal-clear sound quality. 

3. Dancing 

Our dancing service covers your wedding reception’s dance floor until 10pm. We capture the lively moments as your guests celebrate, ensuring the energy, laughter, and happiness are documented. Relive those special moments whenever you desire and let us preserve the spirited atmosphere of your wedding reception. Dance the night away with your loved ones, knowing that every joyful moment is captured.

4. Wedding Film 

Your Wedding Film begins with the Bridal preparation, capturing the excitement as the bridal party gets ready. The focus then shifts to key moments of the Ceremony, including the emotional walk up the aisle, vows, and signing of the register. The video transitions to joyful celebrations, featuring guests enjoying themselves, leaving heartfelt messages, and highlights of speeches. It concludes with lively dancing, showcasing the energy and happiness of the couple and their guests. With seamless transitions and suitable music, your video captures the anticipation, love, and celebration of your special day, preserving cherished memories for years to come.

Additional Options: Upgrades and Extras

€price on request- Extra Entertainment 

If you would like additional video coverage for special performances or unique wedding day experiences such as singing waiters or comedians, an additional charge will be necessary to film and edit this content. This fee is required to ensure the professional editing of these unique elements, providing you with a seamless and polished final video.


Music for your video 


We would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly share with us a list of songs that you enjoy. It would be helpful to have a selection of fast, upbeat songs as well as some slow, romantic ones, or any other preferences you have in mind for your wedding video. Your input will allow us to curate a soundtrack that perfectly complements the atmosphere and captures the essence of your special day.


Video Finish Time 10pm


Safety is our priority, especially considering the long hours of wedding days. To ensure a smooth and safe transition, we enforce a 10pm cut-off point. Our team will efficiently wrap up the filming process, allowing them to pack up and travel home safely. We greatly appreciate your consideration for our team’s well-being.


Band Filming – €price on request


Groom Preparations  


After gaining experience, we have found that including coverage of the groom along with the rest of the wedding day can make the day excessively long and exhausting for our videographers. Considering the well-being and energy levels required for capturing the main parts of your day, we have reevaluated our approach. While we believe it is important to prioritize our shooters’ well-being and ensure they are energized for the key moments, we understand that some couples still desire coverage of the groom’s preparations. If the groom prep location is in the same hotel or very close to the bridal prep, we can accommodate this request. However, we kindly ask that this inclusion is not taken for granted and is considered as an exception rather than the norm.


Bride and Groom interviews – €price on request 


We truly enjoy conducting interviews with our brides and grooms, as it allows us to capture their unique love stories, how they met, and the reasons why they are marrying each other. These personal touches add a special element of romance to the video. However, it is important to note that including interviews is not the standard practice but rather something we like to do. While it doesn’t take much time on the day of the wedding, the editing process can become a bit more time-consuming. We would like to know if you would like us to include these interviews in your wedding video

Find the plan that works for you!

Payment Plans Available

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