Wedding Ideas For Winter 2020

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Winter is the most magical time of year, with the cold weather, warm clothes and sparkling snow.

If your wedding was supposed to be in spring, summer or autumn of 2020, but the COVID-19 induced lockdown cancelled the ceremony, then many couples may have opted to reschedule for this winter.

The nights may be darker, but that means the sparkles are brighter. Here are some ideas for your 2020 winter wedding.

Embrace textures and colours

Winter is the perfect season to be extra with textures. If it is not snowing on your big day and the weather is bleak, textures and colours will bring the ambience.

Velvets, metallics, satins, fur and snowflake-like laces are always beautiful, but will make a huge impact at your winter wedding. Going for some luxe embellishments, like beading, brocade or embroidery on your dress, bridesmaid dresses or cleverly added to the dinner tables, will bring this theme to the next level.

Crystals are a must; use them as a magnificent sugary addition to your cake or wear them in a tiara, to channel your inner snow queen.

Winter colours are also extremely important to consider, such as jewel tones, burgundy, dark green and metallics.

All of these romantic textures and colours can be implemented in many different ways. You could try eye-catching, luxurious dark red velvet ribbons in invitations or on anything of your choosing. Or opt for intricate, white lace details on the menus or even your dress. Lastly, add sky blue crushed velvet to the chairs or as table cloths.

Go minimal

If going extra is not your style, another fitting theme for your winter wedding is to go minimal and moody. This means letting nature and the weather dictate the day and be the focal point. You do not also need to go to town with decorations if that is not your thing.

You can opt for an all-ivory wedding party, carrying dark green fir-centric bouquets, layered greenery on the tables, silvery-grey linens and wooden furniture.
This could work outside in a snow covered space or if that is too cold for you, you can go with an industrial loft or warehouse and keep it minimal and clean. This will be extremely elegant, with organic and natural elements and a simple colour scheme.

This theme depicts the cold and bleakness of winter, which can be extremely powerful and romantic. But don’t worry, this is not for everyone!

Stay cozy

The juxtaposing theme is to make the wedding and its decorations as cozy as possible. This would be fitting if you are getting married in December, close to Christmas and other festivities.

Hot chocolate bars, s’mores and glittered doughnuts are right at home at a winter wedding. Sleigh rides with deers or horses and passing out blankets at the ceremony to keep everyone warm are perfect ways to add coziness.

Snuggle up and rock those sweaters, wraps, long-sleeved dresses and scarves to fit with the theme but to also make your winter wedding tolerable.

Colours will also be important for this theme, such as holly berry red, emerald green, cobalt blue

Budget wedding

If you are on a tight budget or just do not want to spend your hard-earned money on your wedding, then winter is the perfect time to get married. All venues and dates are a fraction of the price than what they would be in the warmer months, as winter weddings are less popular. All of these venues and their prices can be found on the Wedding Suppliers directory.

There are also many other ways to cut costs at your wedding, such as going digital with your invitations, opting for a buffet, BYO alcohol and much more.

You can let nature and the venue do the talking, meaning you won’t need to buy tons of decorations; winter is the perfect time to keep it minimal.

Wintery cakes

If your whole wedding is themed and planned around winter and everything that comes with the season, you will also want a wintery wedding cake.

For this, you could either go with a traditional wedding cake, with the layers and flavours to your choosing, but then decorate it with snowflakes, glitter and berries, or opt for wintery flavours, such as pumpkin spice, chocolate orange or cinnamon.

If you have postponed your wedding to winter due to the virus, you can add touches of edible snow, stars or winter flowers, to give your summer cake a makeover.

For an alternative option, in keeping with the winter theme, why not go with a chocolate yule log or a traditional Christmas fruit cake? This will add a magical touch to the day; they can be topped off with foxes and berries or a winter wonderland scene to surround the traditional bride and groom.

Overall, winter weddings are becoming more and more popular and rightfully so, as they can be overwhelmingly magical and romantic. With these 5 ideas, you can still have the wedding of your dreams, with the addition of snow.

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